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We Are Seeking Support!

Theolocast’s mission is to bring together Christian thinkers to contrast Biblical truths against the world’s ideas in a​ way that’s easy to understand. But this mission cannot happen without your prayers and financial support.

First off, your prayers…

We are waging a spiritual battle against the Satanic world system. With the Lord’s help we will make an impact in footholds where the enemy has planted his strongest deceptions. Please pray for us that we will be able to fight the good fight of the faith, stay away from temptations, and do the work of evangelists.

We really appreciate and need your prayers.

Second, your financial support…

Delivering excellent and simple answers to difficult questions about the Christian faith costs real time and dollars. Your financial support helps free us so we can work on this vital content. Our work strengthens young believers, equips older believers, and informs unbelievers about the truths in the Word of God. And that work cannot happen without donors.

Would you consider giving financially one-time or monthly?

Thank you!

Editor – Theolocast

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