Top 101 Theological Questions in 2018 (According to Google)

By Todd Clay / March 4, 2018

The top 101 questions people ask about God and Christianity based on Google search query data – with links to Biblical answers.

Ever wonder what other people think about God?

Google maintains a database of questions (aka “search queries” or “keywords”) that users type into that ubiquitous blank box every day. Many questions are driven by news events like “who won the Warriors game last night?” Others questions are evergreen like “how to make rice”. Still other questions relate to God, Christianity, and other topics the Bible addresses.

This post shows the top 101 questions people ask about God and Christianity which includes theological, apologetic, philosophical, and other questions people ask that could be considered theological. The most searched questions are at the top – and so on.

In addition, each question is linked to a helpful resource to help further your knowledge about the question from a Biblical perspective. Some of these questions are answered on this site, but most are answered on other helpful sites.


 Question*Monthly Search Volume**
1What is love? (love)3,350,000
2What is the Bible? (bible)2,240,000
3Who is Jesus? (jesus)1,220,000
4What is the church? (church)1,000,000
5Who is God? (god)823,000
6What is the Big Bang? (big bang)823,000
7What is meditation? (meditation)673,000
8What is evolution? (evolution)673,000
9What is the Catholic Church? (catholic church)450,000
10What is sin? (sin)450,000
11What is a Christian? (christian)450,000
12What is heaven? (heaven)301,000
13What is reality? (reality)301,000
14Who am I? (who am i)301,000
15What is hell? (hell)301,000
16What is the gospel? (gospel)301,000
17What does God look like? (god images)246,000
18What is the meaning of life? (meaning of life)246,000
19What is prayer? (prayer)246,000
20What is salvation? (salvation)201,000
21What is the fear of God (fear of god)165,000
22What is truth? (truth)165,000
23What is evil? (evil)165,000
24How do you meditate? (how to meditate)135,000
25What is reincarnation? (reincarnation)135,000
26What did Jesus look like? (jesus images)135,000
27Who is the Holy Spirit? (holy spirit)110,000
28What is an evangelist? (evangelist)110,000
29What is original sin? (original sin)90,500
30What is Scripture? (scripture)90,500
31Is God a God of love? (god of love)74,000
32Is there life after death? (life after death)74,000
33When was Jesus born? (when was jesus born)74,000
34What is the Catholic Bible? (catholic bible)60,500
35Who is the Son of God? (son of god)60,500
36What was the crucifixion? (crucifixion)60,500
37What is pantheism? (what is pantheism)60,500
38What is the religion of peace? (religion of peace)49,500
39Are near death experiences real? (near death experiences)40,500
40What are the world's religions (world religions)49,500
41What is a theist? (theist)40,500
42Who wrote the Bible? (who wrote the bible)40,500
43What is time? (what is time)40,500
44Is God real? (is god real)40,500
45What is transhumanism? (what is transhumanism)40,500
46What is creationism? (what is creationism)40,500
47What is religion? (what is religion)33,100
48Where was Jesus born? (where was jesus born)33,100
49Why do we dream? (why do we dream)27,100
50What is faith? (what is faith)27,100
51Was Jesus resurrected? (was jesus resurrected)27,100
52What is morality? (what is morality)27,100
53Is Jesus God? (is jesus god)27,100
54What is Christianity? (what is christianity)27,100
55What are all the names of Jesus? (names of jesus)27,100
56What is Orthodox Christianity? (orthodox christianity)27,100
57What is the Word of God? (word of god)27,100
58What is sin? (what is sin)22,200
59What is spirituality? (spirituality definition)22,200
60What were the miracles of Jesus? (miracles of jesus)22,200
61Can you help me, God? (help me god)22,200
62What does it mean to be Biblical? (biblical)22,200
63What is prayer to the Holy Spirit? (prayer to the holy spirit)22,200
64Who created God (who created god)18,100
65Is there a God of death? (god of death)18,100
66How did Jesus pray? (jesus prayer)18,100
67What do Christians believe? (christianity beliefs)18,100
68What is the logos? (what is logos)18,100
69What did God create? (god's creation)18,100
70What does the Bible teach about homosexuality? (homosexuality in the bible)18,100
71What is holiness? (holiness)18,100
72What does "I am Who I am" mean? (i am who i am)14,800
73What is a mortal sin? (mortal sin)14,800
74What is the Ontological Argument for the existence of God? (ontological argument)14,800
75What is the history of Christianity? (history of christianity)14,800
76What is good? (what is good)14,800
77What is the story of Jesus? (jesus story)14,800
78What is a right? (what is a right)14,800
79How did the universe begin? (origin of the universe)14,800
80Is Jesus the Lord? (jesus is lord)14,800
81What are the major Christian denominations? (christian denominations)14,800
82What is the history of the Bible? (history of the bible)14,800
83What is a born again Christian? (born again christian)14,800
84What is salvation? (what is salvation)12,100
85What is beauty? (what is beauty)12,100
86Is there any proof for God? (proof of god)12,100
87What is death? (what is death)12,100
88What is consciousness? (what is consciousness)12,100
89What is ethical relativism? (what is ethical relativism)12,100
90What is the New Testament? (new testament bible)12,100
91Does Jesus love me? (jesus love)12,100
92What is the Christmas Story in the Bible? (christmas story bible)12,100
93What are God's blessings? (god's blessings)12,100
94Are there contradictions in the Bible (contradictions in the bible)12,100
95What is eternal life? (eternal life)12,100
96What is an Evangelical Christian? (evangelical christian)12,100
97Where was Jesus crucified? (where was jesus crucified)12,100
98Where is God? (where is god)9,900
99Was Jesus real? (was jesus real)9,900
100Who is God the Father? (god the father)9,900
101Who were the first humans? (first humans)9,900


Methodology for Compiling the Top 101 Questions

Every list of popular Christian apologetics questions will be different. Each researcher will filter out good queries that could be considered theological or apologetic queries by another researcher. So it’s important to list the assumptions for any set of queries.

  • This list was originally compiled using other lists of questions about God and then input into Google’s Keyword Planner (a keyword research tool).
  • All search queries are questions, though not all are phrased as questions.
  • Many query variations of the same general question. I did compress some queries into one query.
  • Initial queries are not necessarily directed towards Christians, but queries can be answered by Christian theology. Ex. “What is the meaning of life”
  • Questions are asked by Christians and non-Christians.
  • Results are a snapshot of questions the broader culture is asking at the time the keyword research was accessed. In 10 years, the list may be significantly different.


  • Basic Christian theology questions.
  • Psychological questions: who am I.
  • Varieties of Christianity: catholic church, etc.
  • Science: cosmology, evolution, etc.
  • Philosophical questions: what is truth, etc.
  • Trustworthiness of Biblical doctrines questions.


  • Names and books were removed.
  • Philosophies and religions were removed (unless compared with Christianity).
  • Noteable related exceptions: what is freedom, what is philosophy.

* Queries are usually rephrased in the form of a question. The original query is in parentheses based on the original keyword export.

** Monthly search volume is based on global search volume for all languages for the exact query typed from Nov. & Dec. 2017. Numbers are estimates based on data Google shares with its advertisers.

Todd Clay is a husband, dad, and a Christian (Reformed Baptist). Todd holds a BA in history from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Theological Studies from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

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