Top 101 Theological Questions in 2018 (According to Google)

By Todd Clay / March 4, 2018

The top 101 questions people ask about God and Christianity based on Google search query data – with links to Biblical answers.

Ever wonder what other people think about God?

Google maintains a database of questions (aka “search queries” or “keywords”) that users type into that ubiquitous blank box every day. Many questions are driven by news events like “who won the Warriors game last night?” Others questions are evergreen like “how to make rice”. Still other questions relate to God, Christianity, and other topics the Bible addresses.

This post shows the top 101 questions people ask about God and Christianity which includes theological, apologetic, philosophical, and other questions people ask that could be considered theological. The most searched questions are at the top – and so on.

In addition, each question is linked to a helpful resource to help further your knowledge about the question from a Biblical perspective. Some of these questions are answered on this site, but most are answered on other helpful sites.


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Methodology for Compiling the Top 101 Questions

Every list of popular Christian apologetics questions will be different. Each researcher will filter out good queries that could be considered theological or apologetic queries by another researcher. So it’s important to list the assumptions for any set of queries.

  • This list was originally compiled using other lists of questions about God and then input into Google’s Keyword Planner (a keyword research tool).
  • All search queries are questions, though not all are phrased as questions.
  • Many query variations of the same general question. I did compress some queries into one query.
  • Initial queries are not necessarily directed towards Christians, but queries can be answered by Christian theology. Ex. “What is the meaning of life”
  • Questions are asked by Christians and non-Christians.
  • Results are a snapshot of questions the broader culture is asking at the time the keyword research was accessed. In 10 years, the list may be significantly different.


  • Basic Christian theology questions.
  • Psychological questions: who am I.
  • Varieties of Christianity: catholic church, etc.
  • Science: cosmology, evolution, etc.
  • Philosophical questions: what is truth, etc.
  • Trustworthiness of Biblical doctrines questions.


  • Names and books were removed.
  • Philosophies and religions were removed (unless compared with Christianity).
  • Noteable related exceptions: what is freedom, what is philosophy.

* Queries are usually rephrased in the form of a question. The original query is in parentheses based on the original keyword export.

** Monthly search volume is based on global search volume for all languages for the exact query typed from Nov. & Dec. 2017. Numbers are estimates based on data Google shares with its advertisers.

Todd Clay is a husband, dad, and a Christian (Reformed Baptist). He enjoys researching about everyday, complex, and sometimes obscure theological issues in every field of knowledge and tries to make things easy to understand. He is married and has 4 children, one of whom (Knox) is now with the Lord. Todd holds a BA in history from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Theological Studies from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

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