The Catholic Church: A Protestant Perspective

By Todd Clay / August 26, 2018

An historical overview of the Catholic Church, a doctrinal comparison between Catholicism and the Bible, and answering whether all Catholics are Christian. Short Answer The Catholic Church shares some common theological history and beliefs with Reformed Protestantism, but also upholds major doctrinal differences with the Bible. Though the Catholic Church is a false church, it […]

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What Is A False Church?

By Todd Clay / August 19, 2018

False worship in Biblical history, the distinguishing marks of a true church, examples of false churches & practical considerations for Christians in those groups. Short Answer A false church is where the Word of God and true gospel is not honored or taught, where the sacraments are not properly administered, and where church discipline is […]

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What Is Church? A Biblical Perspective

By Todd Clay / August 5, 2018

Defining a New Testament church, exploring several important dimensions of a true church, and understanding the church as the visible representation of the Kingdom of God. Short Answer The church is a group of called-out believers in Jesus Christ founded on the Word of God. There are both visible and invisible aspects of the church […]

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Who Am I? A Christian Perspective

By Todd Clay / July 29, 2018

Three dimensions of personal identity – true of everyone, true of unbelievers, and true of Christians. Short Answer From a Biblical perspective, all people are created in the image of God, unbelievers are estranged from God thus not being fully connected to the source of life, and Christians are new creatures being completed in Christ. […]

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Who Are You? How Christians & Naturalists Explain Personal Identity

By Todd Clay / July 22, 2018

How naturalism answers questions about personal identity compared to what God says about us in the Bible. Short Answer The question of ‘who are you’ is answered very differently by naturalists and Christians. To the naturalist (who explains everything in terms of a natural, atheistic, and evolutionary universe), a person can only be described from […]

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What Is Truth? A Christian Perspective

By Todd Clay / July 8, 2018

What is truth, how it’s anchored in God, why we expect truth, and why we don’t want truth (sometimes). Short Answer True is that which conforms with fact or reality. Truth is not determined by personal feelings, popular vote, scientific consensus, or any human court of appeal. Truth simply is what is and is anchored […]

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Everyone is Religious

By Todd Clay / July 1, 2018

A challenge to the traditional understanding of “religion”, exploring religion’s attributes, and demonstrating how everyone is religious – even atheists. Everyone is religious. However, religion is not always expressed in prayers, kneeling, and hymns. An atheist’s religion (yes, atheists are religious – see below) looks different from a Christian’s religion, but there are some core […]

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The Myth of Neutrality in Religion

By Todd Clay / June 17, 2018

Exposing the lie of “neutrality”, demonstrating how Jesus addressed it, and revealing how other Christian thinkers tackle the “myth of neutrality”. Short Answer The idea that a person can be neutral in relation to religion in general and Christianity in particular is wrong. Jesus taught you were either for him or against him (Matthew 12:30). […]

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Five Objections to Presuppositional Apologetics Crushed

By Todd Clay / June 10, 2018

How the top 5 objections to Christian presuppositionalism from believers and unbelievers ultimately fail. Short Answer #1: Presuppositionalism depends on circular reasoning…but so does every other worldview. #2: Presuppositionalism is dogmatic…but so is every other worldview. #3: Presuppositionalism prevents common ground with unbelievers…is both true in one sense and false in another. #4: Presuppositionalism dodges […]

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What is Presuppositional Apologetics?

By Todd Clay / June 3, 2018

Presuppositional apologetics defined, justified, and exploring the five major planks of the presuppositional platform. Short Answer Presuppositional apologetics is an approach to Christian apologetics which aims to expose the faulty foundations of unbelieving thought and argues the Biblical worldview alone makes human experience intelligible. Long Answer Presuppositional apologetics is a branch of Christian apologetics. Apologetics […]

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