Top 101 Theological Questions in 2018 (According to Google)

By Todd Clay / March 4, 2018

The top 101 questions people ask about God and Christianity based on Google search query data – with links to Biblical answers. Ever wonder what other people think about God? Google maintains a database of questions (aka “search queries” or “keywords”) that users type into that ubiquitous blank box every day. Many questions are driven […]

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What is Christianity?

By Todd Clay / February 18, 2018

Christianity is a major world religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Christianity teaches both propositional and relational concepts. Short Answer: Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Christianity teaches doctrines that can be affirmed or denied (propositions) and is also a plan for […]

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How to Confront Sin Biblically

By Todd Clay / February 11, 2018

Defining Biblical confrontation, when to do it, its purposes, and the proper spirit of Christian confrontation. Confronting sin is a difficult business. Whether you’re addressing a harmful fault with a believing family member, facing an issue with a recalcitrant church friend, or otherwise bringing up a problem with a Christian brother, it’s hard to confront […]

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What Is Sin?

By Todd Clay / February 4, 2018

Sin defined Biblically, how the Bible describes sin, particular sins, the consequences of sin, and God’s antidote against sin. Short Answer Sin is breaking God’s law. (1 John 3:4) Long Answer Most people believe in right and wrong. Just listen to any argument. Whenever you hear someone say “ought”, “should”, or “shouldn’t”, that person is […]

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Who Is God?

By Todd Clay / January 29, 2018

God’s existence, nature, attributes, and call to people for relationship. Short Answer: The God, as revealed in the Christian Scriptures, actually exists as a Trinity. He exhibits some core features (aka attributes) like eternality, holiness, goodness, and mercy while calling us to a relationship with him through his Son, Jesus. Long Answer:  The answer to […]

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Aliens And The Bible

By Todd Clay / January 20, 2018

Exploring the validity of alien phenomena, what might be their nature if they exist (demonic), their evolutionary connection, and reviewing the Biblical data. Short Answer Aliens, or intelligent and communicative non-human life forms, are a well-documented entities. They are somehow related to demons or fallen angels and are often sited as evidence of evolution. The […]

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Who Is Jesus The Christ?

By Todd Clay / January 13, 2018

The most important person in human history, the promised Messiah, the crucified King, the resurrected Savior, and Creator of the Universe. Short Answer: Jesus, also called the Christ, is the most important person in human history. In the Old & New Testament Scriptures, we see Jesus’s prophetic lineage, his life, his death, his resurrection, and […]

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What Is A Worldview & Why It Matters?

By Todd Clay / January 6, 2018

What is a worldview, what it’s made of, and why it matters. Short Answer A worldview is “the sum total of our beliefs about the world.” (Chuck Colson). We all have a worldview, it consists of certain parts, and leads to real-life actions. Long Answer Have you ever put on colored glasses? Slip on those colored […]

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Is The Bible True?

By Todd Clay / December 30, 2017

Responding to the 7 major challenges to the Bible’s reliability & additional resources to support the truthfulness of the Bible. Short Answer: The Bible is true in everything it addresses. Despite the many attacks it has endured over the centuries, it continues to withstand the harshest challenges. The important thing is to consider each challenge […]

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What Is The Bible?

By Todd Clay / December 23, 2017

The major theme of the Bible, its two major divisions, specific books included, and why, despite all the objections, it’s still the inerrant Word of God. Short Answer: The Bible is a collection of 66 ancient books, written by about 40 different authors in 3 languages. The Bible is ultimately the story about God and […]

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